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About US
Founded in 2015, Zero is based in Los Gatos, California. Our mission is to apply artificial intelligence and smart automation to the most pressing operational challenges of the legal industry.

All too often legaltech companies are launched that effectively build solutions in search of problems. Technical capabilities are developed that may or may not meet a genuine need, with decidedly mixed results for everyone. When we founded Zero, we consciously decided to take the opposite approach. We first identified what we believed were the most critical bottlenecks and challenges in the day-to-day operation of law firms. We then applied the very best engineering and technological talent in existence to the problems we saw. The word “best” is not hyperbole – 50% of our technical team has doctoral degrees.

As a team, we also believe in rigorous, exacting and ongoing measurement of the real-world impact of our technologies. This means constantly soliciting customer feedback, extremely rapid improvement and a myopic focus on whether what we’ve built genuinely works for the customer. What happens in the lab is nowhere near as relevant, we believe, as what happens when the customer uses something.

Finally, we believe in clean, highly usable products with unobtrusive, but very powerful, technology. We strive to create tools that are deceptively simple; that the user intuitively knows how to use, and that operate efficiently and unobtrusively.

The result is cutting-edge tools for the legal industry, powered by artificial intelligence and delivering the utility, scalability and most of all, security, law firms demand. By combining technology, security and ongoing evaluation of usability and customer value, we will build and deploy solutions that will revolutionize the business of law.
Alex Babin
Chief Executive Officer
Alex is Zero’s founder and CEO, responsible for everything from strategy to finance to relationships with major customers and partners. Alex has a degree in Applied Communications. Zero is his second startup.
Alexander Volkov
Chief Operating Officer
As Chief Operating Officer, Alex is responsible for Zero’s day-to-day operation, as well as acting as the liaison between the Engineering team, the management team and our customers. Alex has over a decade of technical experience in Silicon Valley, for clients and companies including Adobe, R2, Jamcracker and others.
Gevorg Karapetyan
Chief Technology OFFICER
Co-Founder and CTO, leads Zero’s long-term technology vision, and is responsible for direction, coordination and delivery of technology. Gevorg holds a PhD in Computer Science and has 10-plus years experience in developing intelligent automation systems.
Ryan Steadman
Chief Revenue Officer
Ryan leads Zero’s vision and execution for growth, expanding our global footprint, and ensuring a world-class customer experience. He has over two decades of experience delivering disruptive and emerging technology to professional services organizations world-wide, and deep subject-matter expertise across a wide spectrum of essential business processes.
people behind zero
Zero has been funded by individual angels and institutional investors many of whom have founded successful companies or work as executives in such companies as Facebook, Google and Amazon.
NFX Guild
Accelerator San Fancisco,
Acorn Pacific Ventures
Santa Clara, California
James Currier
Co-founder of Jiff Inc.
Managing partner at NFX
Pete Flint
CEO and co-founder of Trulia.
Managing partner at NFX
Jonathan Roosevelt
Partner at Industry Ventures
Jack Levin
CEO at Nventify
Michael Antonov
Co-founder at Oculus Rift
Anton Trubnikov
CEO at Logic IT Solutions
Phillip Hoare
CIO at Wilson Sonsini (retired)
Eugene Malobrodsky
Co-founder and CTO at