A.I. that enhances email
Email is the nervous system of a modern law firm. Unfortunately, the basic technology of email hasn’t advanced much in decades. Combine these two factors and you have a significant pain point.

The daily work of an attorney means managing hundreds of emails containing complex, dense, critical information, increasingly on a mobile device and requiring absolutely bulletproof security. Zero attacks this challenge with secure, modern, and adaptable AI technology that applies intelligence, flexibility and processing power to the daily email tsunami of a working lawyer. 

Zero delivers a variety of smart and easy-to-use features that allow users to process and analyze large volumes of email faster and more accurately than any other email client – and bill for it.  A.I. is the next level of software design – it mimics human cognition, and can think, make decisions, and learn. It’s used to recognize faces, guide driverless cars, defeat the world’s greatest chess masters, and instantly translate languages. Every attorney, every day, gets tens of thousands of words worth of information. A.I. can organize all this information, analyze it, prioritize what really matters and seamlessly connect it all to the firm’s existing infrastructure – billing systems, document management platforms and mobile device management.
One of the biggest data security vulnerabilities is when data is in flight. When moving from one place to another – say, into or out of the cloud – data is easiest to steal, hack into or simply access. This simple fact has made mobile A.I. out of reach for most firms. A.I. typically works by having the actual data processing take place in the cloud. Which means moving it into and out of your device. Which means an unacceptable lack of security for legal work.
Zero’s A.I. works directly on the device, with no 3rd party cloud processing.
Every other A.I. solution sends data to the cloud for processing: insecure and slow.
Security with On-Premises A.I.
At Zero, we addressed this problem with a simple – but not easy – approach. Rather than attempting to solve this problem, we decided to make it irrelevant. We put all A.I. on the device itself. This approach, known as edge computing, requires exceptionally sophisticated engineering, and the ability to write code that is tight enough, and efficient enough, to fit, literally, in the palm of your hand.
Secure Architecture
Zero’s architecture was specifically designed to deliver flexibility, the highest levels of security, and ease of installation. First, security: because Zero operates inside the device, it always remains completely within your firm’s security perimeter. No whitelisting, firewall exemptions or other complications are required.  Additional configuration can easily adapt Zero to your organization’s unique security standards. Zero also operates with all major mobile device management (MDM) systems. It also syncs with your Exchange installation, and links seamlessly to your document management and billing platforms. Using an MDM platform, Zero can be set up and launched in no more than two hours – frequently less. And it supports all major SSO solutions for authentication.
As a result, Zero’s platform is completely secure. Nothing can get in, and nothing can get out, because it all stays on your phone. Problem solved.