Why Zero?
To date, most of the legal tech that has emerged has been focused on applying technology to big, obvious opportunities. Think of legal research. Document management. Billing. These are all basically ministerial, repetitive, high-volume tasks that are perfect templates for technology. It’s hard to dispute the insight that a semitrailer full of documents that need to be reviewed is a good place for automation. But the tasks legaltech has been solving are really pretty basic, and in the end, so is the tech. The gains achieved by first-generation legal technology have begun to flatten out.
What next?
We began Zero with that simple question: what next? More completely, as specialists in artificial intelligence and machine learning, where in the daily life of the working lawyer could we have the greatest measurable impact? The measurable part is critical, by the way. “Better” is fine, but “37% better” is much, well, better. We are all about metrics.

The first answer to our question was mobile email, which may seem surprising. But to us, the answer was breathtakingly obvious. It’s a major bottleneck. It needs to be secure. And a frightening amount of potentially billable time is wasted there. The suite of products we’ve built is the answer.

But to us, the specific solution isn’t actually that important. What matters is the question: again, what next? Why Zero?

Because our mission is to combine world-class A.I. expertise with a deep understanding of the needs of attorneys to deliver game-changing solutions. For us, email was the lowest-hanging fruit. But the tree is enormous, and we’re just getting started.